Welcome to the UNSW CodeRs website!

UNSW coders is a student and staff run community dedicated for ‘R’ users for anyone who wants to further develop their coding skills. It is our goal to create a safe and open space for members to share and gain new experiences relating to R, coding and statistics.

Life at university is dynamic. We started in 2021 with a small group of members from different schools and different levels of experience. Most of them have completed their UNSW candidatures and moved on to their next chapters. But we hope UNSW coders will continue to grow and recruit new members to organise more activities in 2024 and beyond.

All UNSW members are welcome, no prior experience needed, come and join us! 😀


Check out the workshop page to find out details about resources from past workshops

This website was built by Tehilla Ostrovsky and Jenny Sloane completely in R using the blogdown package 😄

Updates by José R. Ferrer Paris 👍